A question about Claybord Fixative

Someone emailed me a question about where to find Claybord Fixative.

I called Ampersand, the people who make Claybord. They said they stopped making their Claybord Fixative. Apparently they were going to have to reformulate it to meet environmental standards, and it wasn’t going to be as good.

I asked if they could suggest an alternative product. The person there said the Krylon #1311 Matte Finish spray is probably the closest thing to what they had. He also mentioned Krylon UV Resistant Clear (he thought it might be #1309). Then he said Golden also makes a good fixative.

I haven’t tried any of them, so I can’t say how they will perform, but hopefully that will give you an idea of where to look if you have run out of Claybord Fixative.


2 thoughts on “A question about Claybord Fixative

  1. Artist Nicholas Wilson who works in gouche on panel used to make his own boards that once the paint was applied he could go back and scratch details into them. I don’t know if he ever published anything about the technique and his current website doesn’t provide any information but obviously it can be done.

  2. YAH, the Krylon 1311 was what I used until it was not available anymore in the hardware store on the small island where I live. I found that Krylon Workable Fixatif (usually used for pastels) makes a nice dependable semi-gloss finish… and now have arrangements with an art supply store to buy in quantity once or twice a year, because it can’t be flown… must come over on a boat. It works well, dries fast, minimal flubs.

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