King Kong by kuruvata

This was posted on Flickr by kuruvata. I’m not sure what the artist’s real name is. I found it in with a nice collection of other scratchboard work on this page. I’m always amazed how people come up with different ways to express themselves using the same medium. A lot of artists today are pushing the envelope of realism, and I find myself doing the same. But, I still have a great appreciation for pieces with rougher strokes and compelling design.

2 thoughts on “King Kong by kuruvata

  1. Thanks for liking my scratchboard! This was a project I made in high school. I’ve since moved on to graphic design but I still like to draw on the physical medium every now and then. I still like the tangibility of the physical medium.

  2. It’s a nice piece of work. I like the overall design and the texture to it. Very strong.

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