Nicolas Delort : Harry & Dumbledore

Nicolas Delort does some impressive work. If you click the image it takes you to a visual tutorial of the process. It would be nice if there were some text to go with it. For this piece it looks like he started with a digital sketch that he refined and then traced onto white scratchboard. It looks like he first inked the major outline of the wave and then inked the rest of the surface with some kind of brush-tip marker. It also looks like he is doing quite a bit of line work with the pen in certain areas. Other parts are scratched. Some of his work is very reminiscent of Franklin Booth, which would make sense. Booth imitated etching patterns with pen and ink.

This image links to several other images, and the influence of Franklin Booth is very apparent – especially the clouds. I love the massive appearance of the spaceship. It’s retro and sort of scary and friendly at the same time.