Francis Lee Jaques – My Wilderness – Yosemite, Half Dome and more

Quite a few years ago I found a little book at a used bookstore. It was entitled My Wilderness – The Pacific West, and Frances Lee Jaques was the illustrator. The images were black and white scratchboard, and gorgeous. The one that compelled me to buy that little book was a stunning rendition of Yosemite’s Half Dome. It is still one of my favorite scratchboard pieces ever. I love the way the snow is done in stark white without boundaries except where it touches the rock. The sweeping vertical lines are so effective in conveying the mass and height of the monument.


I found a nice blog post about the artist.






Hank Porter – beautiful winter scene

This is a super nice piece by Hank Porter. The design and rendering are both fabulous. In addition to the scratches there is a lot of pen work, so I assume it was done on a white board with ink applied by pen and brush, which was then selectively scraped away.

To view the details, right-click on the image and choose something like “View image in new tab”. It’s a big image.